School of Nursing and Health Studies

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Funding Your Education

There are many options available for funding your nursing education listed below.  Please check back for information on Health Studies scholarships and other funding opportunities soon.

First Steps

  1. In January, fill out the FAFSA, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid  and have the results sent to the UW.  You may not think you qualify for any federal aid, but you won't know for sure until you fill out and submit the form.   Your financial circumstances may unexpectedly change during the course of the year too, so it is best to have the application on file even if you are not awarded aid initially.   filling out the FAFSA also will make you eligible for additional scholarships here at UW Bothell, including scholarships from the Nursing program.  To receive the best aid award, submit your FAFSA by mid-February, so it is received by the UW Bothell Financial Aid office by February 28th. 
  2. Does your employer or your union offer money for education?  Investigate any workplace funding opportunities from your employer or union.
  3. Start your scholarship hunt by using the resources on this page.

Scholarship Databases and General Information

The following websites offer lists of scholarships, scholarship databases, or information on scholarships.

Scholarship Opportunities

Loan Repayment Programs

Financial Aid

Tuition Reimbursement

  • Your own employer or union may offer tuition reimbursement.  Be sure to check their policies.

Tuition Exemption

  • Information about the UW/State Tuition Exemption Program is also available for employees, and it is very important to read the Nursing-specific restrictions on using this exemption.  If you are eligible and are applying for this, please use the UW Bothell form.