Bachelor of Arts in Health Studies



Learning objectives

  1. Identify bio-social-ecological factors that influence health, health equity, and social justice at the individual and population levels.
  2. Analyze the impacts of population level healthcare policies and systems from a local to global perspective.
  3. Evaluate health research and health information for the application of ethical and evidence-based practice.
  4. Develop as public health leaders and health practitioners prepared to collaborate with communities and institutions to improve individual and population health.


Customize the Health Studies major with courses that resonate with your interest!

Courses Credits
Statistics 5

Required Core Courses:

  • BHS 201 - Introduction to Public Health
  • BHS 210 - Community Health Promotion & Communication
  • BHS 300 - Principles of Health Research
  • BHS 302 - Social Dimensions of Health
  • BHS 305 - Introduction to Healthcare Policy & Systems
  • BHS 403 - Introduction to Epidemiology
  • BHS 496 - Fieldwork in Health
Approved Health Studies Electives, with at least 10 credits in B HLTH course offerings 35
Upper Division UW Electives (300-400 level) 15

Health Studies electives

The Health Studies faculty select electives each year, based on UW-Bothell's catalog of courses. The approved electives are categorized into four areas of interest: 1) Health & Life Sciences, 2) Community Health Intervention & Practice, 3) Health & Society, and 4) Health Policy, Leadership, & Ethics.

Learn more by visiting the Health Studies Elective webpage.

Quarterly courses

To help you prepare for future course registration, review the quarterly course offering spreadsheets below. These spreadsheets are useful tools in helping you to review courses related to the Health Studies major. Keep in mind that these spreadsheets are static, and so any changes to the UWB Time Schedule will not be reflected in these documents. For up-to-date course information, visit the UWB Time Schedule.

Advising worksheets

Download a copy of the Health Studies advising worksheet based on the quarter and year you are admitted into the program:

If you are a current Health Studies student, make sure to check in with the Health Studies Academic Advisor to review your worksheet together and discuss your path to graduation.

Updated April 2023