School of Nursing and Health Studies

Global Health Minor

Team Guatemala returned from a study abroad trip in Summer 2018 to pose in front of the UW Bothell "W" Sign on campus.

Minor in Global Health

The minor in Global Health offers an interdisciplinary introduction to the field of global health for students in many different schools and majors. Global health is a diverse field of research and practice that aims to improve population health and work towards equity for all people. The minor in global health will introduce students to a range of career possibilities related to global health through coursework and experiences.

We invite students from many different backgrounds and with diverse career plans and majors to consider how their training can be applied to global health challenges and opportunities. For example, the global health minor could appeal to:

  • Health studies majors or pre-health students who have, or want to develop, experience working internationally;
  • Engineering students who are interested in developing new tools and technologies to improve health;
  • Environmental sciences or environmental studies majors who want to better understand how environmental and human health are connected;
  • Biology majors who want to know more about new and emerging diseases, neglected and under-funded diseases, or how social conditions influence human biology;
  • Global studies majors who want to know more about how health is related to social, economic, and political forces around the world.

In the Global Health Minor, students will learn about past, current, and future global health trends, and study how policies, technologies, and social movements attempt to improve health around the world. Students will have ample opportunities to engage in skill-building through experiential, practice-oriented, and problem-based learning. Cultural humility, social justice, equity, and inclusion are core principles throughout the minor experience and curriculum.

Declare the Global Health Minor:

To declare the Global Health minor, please contact your primary major academic advisor by email or in person.