Financial Aid

What is UWB Scholarships?

There are number of UW Bothell scholarships that were graciously endowed from individuals, organizations, UW Bothell alumni, businesses, and associations to the University of Washington Bothell.  Instead of having a separate application for each individual scholarship you can complete one application and be considered for multiple scholarships.

How to Apply

We host the general scholarship application twice each year. Once during the autumn quarter and once during the spring quarter. Only currently enrolled UW Bothell students are eligible to apply and are considered for one of the featured scholarships.

The application process consists of following:

  • Complete the UW Bothell General Scholarship Application.
    • Answer several short answer questions including, but not limited to, your academic achievements, financial need, and community service.
      •  The Writing and Communication Center can provide you assistance with writing your responses and preparing your personal statement.
      • Attach a copy of your resume
      • Submit the application by the due date.  Late and/or  incomplete applications will not be considered.
      • UW Bothell students are welcome to apply each application round. 


Depending on the time of year, only certain scholarships are available each scholarship application.  You can view which scholarships are available by clicking on the links below:

All of the scholarships' descriptions and criteria

Scholarships available during autumn quarter round

Scholarships available during spring quarter round 

General Scholarship Winners

Winners are determined by the Scholarship Review Committee who consider your responses to the short answer questions, your resume, and your UW Bothell academic summary. 
The scholarship winners will be notified via email about the scholarship they have been awarded.  All scholarship recipients will be posted on our website.  You can take a look at our current recipients here: scholarship winners.