Hear about the impact from EDGE participants

Mentorship EDGE transforms the success trajectories of students through powerful, personal, and professional mentorship. Hear what our students and mentors have to say:

Mentee Testimonials

As a Veteran returning to the workforce Mentorship EDGE has been an integral part of my success. My mentor has been an exemplary source of knowledge and experience, offering a kind hand to navigate everything from application, inter office lessons, to career goals. Thank you Mark for all you have done.


Mentorship Edge has helped me develop not only my professionalism, but my confidence in the workforce.


As a first-generation student at the University of Washington Bothell, the opportunity to be in such close proximity to influential leaders that are open to fostering my potential has been extremely impactful. Mentorship EDGE has empowered me to foster meaningful relationships and has brought opportunities I would’ve never thought was possible.


Before Mentorship EDGE, I was unsure what to do after college. Mentorship EDGE introduced me to marketing leaders that helped me apply to jobs correctly. Mentorship EDGE connected me with people and an opportunity to apply to a job at my dream company. I am now an Account Development Representative at Auth0. I am honored to have been a part of this program.


Mentor Testimonials

One of the most rewarding experiences of my career. I learned more from my mentees than they learned from me. It was amazing to dig in and help them navigate some highs and lows, some difficult personal and professional decisions and ultimately they both accepted “dream” jobs. I was blessed to have them come into my life and they impacted me for the better far more than I could have ever done for them. Mentorship Edge is something that I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND everyone that can be a part of it, that they take the chance to join the community of mentors and mentees. A huge fan!!


As a graduate from University of Washington –Bothell (’98), I’m amazed at what the school has grown to. Reconnecting with The School of Business was simply a way to give back to an institution that provide me with so much. The Mentorship EDGE program gave me an introduction to several great students and provided me with the ability to get to know them personally and professionally. Ultimately, it lead to me hiring one of my mentees…and things are going great. The Mentorship EDGE program is a great way to connect the business leaders of today with the business leaders of tomorrow.


I enjoy meeting students, learning about their career ambitions and goals and providing practical and useful advice as they navigate finding the right job and making a difference in the world.