William Rocca

Associate at Clark Nuber
Clark Nuber

William is an Accounting, Business Development and Finance expert driven to deliver growth, profitability and organizational achievement. He is recognized for emotional intelligence, a broad skill set and earning trust. William is an influential strategist adept at problem solving, identifying incremental improvements and relentless customer service. He has raised over $1 billion in the international capital markets, grew software ISV to 25 employees & $4mm in annual sales, met or exceeded business objectives consistently, delivering 100% y-o-y revenue and profit growth. William has directed all accounting & finance, contracts, compliance and fiduciary responsibilities

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William on mentorship

I’m aware the world of opportunity that lies before a young professional can look daunting and bewildering, which can lead to self-doubt and uncertainty as to where to take the first step. I can also put myself into the shoes of a student going through a rigorous academic program questioning whether their present course make sense when one seems to be missing out on sacrifices made in the present. And when it comes to growing a career, I have seen many who have succeeded and a few who haven’t. I’m excited about the opportunity to help mentees navigate through this volatile period in their lives and help them chart a course that helps them meet their dreams and aspirations.

Specialty topics

  • Finance and accounting career choices
  • Skills to employ in the office
  • Building grit and determination for the road ahead

Favorite books and learning resources

While William enjoys business strategy books, his day-to-day reading preferences tend to reading about economic trends and events through the press. The sources for this information are:

  • The Financial Times
  • The Wall Street Journal
  • The Economist magazine

For tracking economic news in the PNW, he reads:

  • The Puget Sound Business Journal
  • Geekwire

Fun facts

William is an avid outdoor sports enthusiast and a 10 year member of the Alpental Ski Patrol.