General Staff Organization


The General Staff Organization (GSO) at the University of Washington Bothell seeks to:

  • Enhance student access and success through excellence in service;
  • Facilitate communication, support and unity among classified staff, professional staff and librarians;
  • Provide leadership through communication, positive change and teamwork among staff, librarians, faculty, and administrators, through campus and community issues.
  • Represent staff by enhancing the working experience and environment. Provide the ability for staff to contribute to the campus and university community.


The contributions that are raised by the General Staff Organization (GSO) are used for Student and Staff scholarships, recognition events, and campus forums. Please click here if you would like to make a one-time or recurring donation.

Did you know?

There are over 270 staff at UW Bothell. If each person gave $5.00 monthly we could sponsor all GSO events plus give 2-$500 scholarships. Just $5.00 per month! Get started by clicking on the link above.

2016 GSO Liaisons:

Therese Grant

Administration and Planning

Lisa Walker

Advancement/External Relations

Zynia Chapman


Kelley Dunn

Auxiliary Services

Jim Pilon

Budget/Fiscal Services

Daniele Raymond

Commuter Services

M. Alice LeFlore

DEM, Processing Unit

Katie Bozin

DEM, Specialist Unit

Carmel Brewer

DEM, International/Database Analyst Units

Christy Grayum

DEM, Enrollment Management

Devi Sandhu


Stacey Fullwiler


Terryl Ross

Office of the Chancellor

Beth Miguel Alipio

School of Business

Ann Busche

School Educational Studies


School of IAS

Michelle Darci

School of Nursing and Health Studies

Larry Burris

School of STEM

Ellis Zhuang

School of STEM

Emily Christian

Student Affairs

Gina Christian

Student Affairs


Executive Committee

Lisa Walker

Therese Grant

Vice Chair:
Ellis Zhuang

Christy Grayum

Jim Pilon 

Interested in becoming a liaison for your program? Please contact us or drop by our next meeting.