December 2016

Alums produce video of anti-racist poetry performance

photo of troy osaki, aaron middleton, and quinn brown

Media & Communication Studies alumni Quinn Russell Brown (’13) and Aaron Middleton (‘13) produced a short video of local artist Troy Osaki’s poetry performance, “Year of the Dragon,” a homage to martial arts legend Bruce Lee and his struggle against racism.  When Brown first heard Osaki recite the poem at a fundraiser months earlier, he was deeply moved and approached Osaki about creating a video.  Brown then ...

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Peter Brooks presents approaches to teaching cultivated community spaces surrounding games

photo of Peter Brooks

IAS faculty member Peter Brooks, along with his collaborator Kris Purzycki (UW Milwaukee), presented work on game-based pedagogy at the Computers & Writing (C&W) conference in Rochester, New York.  They participated on a panel on "Approaches to Teaching Cultivated Community Spaces Surrounding Games."  Peter's work focused ...

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Aeron Bergman and Alejandra Salinas publish new book and hold book launches

cover of To Make Public

INCA Press, directed by IAS faculty members Aeron Bergman and Alejandra Salinas, published its third book, in collaboration with Temporary Art Review. The book is titled "To Make a Public: Temporary Art Review 2011-2016".

In December, INCA Press is holding book launches at these locations:

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