Conference Reimbursement Checklist

The reimbursement checklist is designed to assist travelers with the most common travel reimbursement types and generally applies to out of state travel. Required documentation should be attached to Travel Reimbursement Claim Form – UW Employee and submitted to the unit’s point person (Fiscal Specialist/program coordinator/etc.) for a reimbursement request.

  • Signed and approved Pre-Travel Approval Form (for travel outside of Washington, Oregon, and Idaho).
  • Conference brochure in PDF form showing conference dates with start/end times, location, preferred hotels, and agenda section displaying meals.
  • Travel policies are subject to change, refer to UW Travel Services Policies Index page for up-to-date information


Registration receipt showing traveler’s name, conference name, amount paid, and proof of payment.


Airfare itinerary and receipts showing traveler’s name, date/time for departure and arrival, amount paid, seat class type and proof of payment. If personal travel included, a Comparison Airfare must be submitted.

Baggage Fees

Receipt showing traveler’s name, date, amount paid, and proof of payment.

Lodging (Per Diem)

  • Checkout hotel folio with traveler’s name and proof of payment (reimbursement for room and tax only).
  • If not a preferred conference hotel, include a map showing the hotel is within five miles from conference location.

Meal (Per Diem)

  • Travel business start date/time and end date/time and airfare itinerary (if applicable).
  • Description of any meals provided by others, including conference (conference program required).

Ground Transportation

  • Itemized receipts showing proof of payment.
  • Business purpose for each trip (ex. from airport to hotel; from hotel to conference location).
  • Attach map for ride-share (must show beginning and ending addresses).

Privately Owned Vehicle Mileage

  • Map showing beginning and ending addresses and how many miles were driven.
  • Business purpose for each trip (ex. from airport to hotel; from hotel to conference location).