School of Nursing and Health Studies

Tuition Exemption

School of Nursing and Health Studies Tuition Exemption

One of the benefits for UW and some State of Washington employees is tuition exemption, which allows you to take a limited number of credits without being subject to the same tuition and fees as non-tuition exempt students at the University of Washington Bothell. 

To use this benefit you must meet the University's tuition-exemption eligibility requirements, have applied to UW Bothell for a non-matriculated or matriculated status, and have been admitted and have current active status. 

For complete University details on the policy, eligibility, and application steps, please visit the UW Bothell Tuition Exemption Page. In summary; 

Courses eligible for tuition exemption

  • BNURS 420 and BNURS 520
  • Nursing (BNURS) 100 and 200 level courses
  • Health Studies Courses (BHS)

Courses not eligible for tuition exemption

  • Health Electives (BHLTH)
  • ‚ÄčNursing (BNURS) courses not listed above

Updated January 2022