Sunita Iyer, ND, LM, Associate Teaching Professor (She/Her)

Teaching is how I have spent most of my life.  Whether bossing my sister around playing school, in my clinical practice, or in the classroom, teaching has been a central theme throughout my life.  It is also where I experience and enjoy a great deal of creativity, the opportunity to try and fail, and the joy of that process.  As an instructor, I value direct and kind communication so that I can best understand and pivot to meet the learning needs of my students and our learning community. As an educator, I relish integrating writing, art, nature, and well-being into every course. Pedagogically, I am studying and writing about poetry as a brainstorming and writing tool, ways to adjust the way we teach academic writing in the age of AI and also for students who write in their non-primary language, and how to weave reflection and creativity into teaching fluidly. 
My areas of teaching interest are healthcare systems and policy, health behaviors and behavior change, social justice in healthcare, and self-awareness/mindfulness practice. I also weave my clinical background as a naturopathic physician, midwife, and integrative medical clinic founder and director into my teaching and pedagogy. My background and primary clinical interests are reproductive, perinatal, and pediatric health, having started in 1999 in Boston, WA and working in the public health and social services sector.


My current pedagogical inquiry and writing includes best practices in the utilization of technology, writing, and multimedia in teaching, improving the way we teach and utilize writing in higher education as we navigate the presence of AI, and development of better practices in teaching academic writing to students who write in their non-primary language. Additionally, I am engaged with interdisciplinary and global colleagues that are curious about and implementing creative pedagogies across disciplines and how they impact teaching and learning. I also write and speak locally and nationally at conferences primarily on topics related to reproductive and behavioral health in the adolescent and perinatal populations. 


Bastyr University
Kenmore, WA

  • Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine
  • Certificate of Midwifery

University of Chicago
Chicago, IL

  • BA with Honors, Anthropology and Ethnolinguistics



Curriculum Vitae

Courses Taught

  • Social Justice in Healthcare
  • Health Policy and the Organization of Healthcare
  • Introduction to Healthcare Policy & Systems
  • Mental Health & Student Life
  • Translating scholarly knowledge to nursing practice
  • Developing Public Speaking and Teaching Skills for Advocacy in Patient Care