New Book, Town Hall Event with Dr. Kenworthy

Book cover: Crowded Out by Nora Kenworthy

Dr. Nora Kenworthy’s latest book, Crowded Out: The True Costs of Crowdfunding Healthcare, is being published this spring with MIT Press. The book offers an eye-opening investigation into charitable crowdfunding for healthcare in the United States—and the consequences of allowing health care access to be decided by the digital crowd.

Dr. Kenworthy and Marcus Harrison Green

Town Hall Seattle will be hosting a conversation between Dr. Kenworthy and journalist Marcus Harrison Green on May 28th about the book. Tickets to the event can be purchased at Town Hall Seattle.

Dr. Kenworthy has been studying crowdfunding for health care costs for a decade. Over that time, charitable crowdfunding has exploded in popularity across the globe. Sites such as GoFundMe, which now boasts a “global community of over 100 million” users, have transformed the ways we seek and offer help. When faced with crises—especially medical ones—Americans are turning to online platforms that promise to connect them to the charity of the crowd. What does this new phenomenon reveal about the changing ways we seek and provide healthcare? In Crowded Out,  Kenworthy examines how charitable crowdfunding so quickly overtook public life, where it is taking us, and who gets left behind by this new platformed economy.