NAMI on Campus

Sunita Iyer

This year marks the second year of a newly formed student club, NAMI On Campus.  Founded in the 2022-2023 Academic Year by Health Studies and Community Psychology students, the work has been carried on by one founding member/officer and 4 new officers.  The enthusiastic and dedicated student officers span numerous programs, including some of our very own Health Studies students: Raveena Sarai, Lauren “Lo” Robbins, Aasiya Sathar, Binta Bah, and Agi Fatou Sanneh.  The faculty advisor for this club is SNHS Associate Teaching Professor Sunita Iyer. 

NAMI On Campus was formed as part of the work of NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Health, to foster more student-led mental health and well-being support on college campuses. NAMI is able to offer education, resources, opportunities for grants and internships, and materials for the club to share with students on our campus.  And as a campus and student-led club, the officers and members can also co-create the ways in which mental health and well-being need to be talked about at UW Bothell, how they affect the communities present in our student body and provide a support. The group is excited to see how this relatively new organization evolves and shapes the conversation about mental health and well-being at UWB.