Get to Know Anisa Madey, HS Student

Anisa Madey

Tell us about yourself and what led you to UWB:
My name is Anisa Madey, a senior at UWB, and I am a double major in Health Studies and Science, technology, and society. I was drawn to
UWB because of the small community that is very welcoming to everyone which has helped me
forge deep relationships with my fellow students. I have had the chance to interact more
personally with professors and my fellow students because of this. UWB has improved my
academic experience and given me a great sense of belonging through its smaller community.
The university’s inclusive and diverse environment resonated with me, and I felt it was the
perfect place to explore my interests, especially my passion for health.
Tell us what led you to choose your program: I chose to double major in Health Studies and
Science, Technology, and Society because I have a deep passion for health. I believe that health
is a fundamental aspect of well-being, and I wanted to explore it from various angles, including
its relationship with technology and society.

How has your experience in your coursework helped you find your career or educational
pathway (area of focus)?

I took an introduction to public health course as a freshman and this course has provided me with
an overview of the field of public health and helped me gain knowledge of frameworks and tools
for developing effective health interventions. I also worked on a group project addressing
healthcare disparities through innovative technological solutions. This experience solidified my
passion for using technology to improve healthcare access and equity. It motivated me to pursue
a career as a Physician Assistant/Associate, where I can advocate for the underrepresented

Did you participate in a fieldwork class?
Yes, I am currently engaged in my fieldwork class in
Health Studies, focusing on social media communication assistance. I will be able to help
manage social media on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. This position will allow me to gain
experience creating other forms of health communication, such as flyers, infographics, and
potentially student video spotlights for the SNHS website and social media. This role is
incredibly exciting for me because I will enhance my communication skills and I am eager to
continue learning and contributing to the fieldwork experience.

Share a memorable course or learning experience:
One of the most memorable courses I took
at UWB was “Social Dimensions of Health.” This course delved deep into the societal aspects of
healthcare, including how social factors impact health outcomes. It broadened my perspective
and deepened my understanding of health disparities and the importance of addressing them.

What are your future plans?
My future plan is to become a Physician Assistant/Associate. I
aim to utilize my education and experiences at UWB to be able to give back to the community
and have a positive impact on healthcare disparities, especially for underrepresented
communities, and strive to improve access to and equity in healthcare.

Was there a faculty, staff, or student service that had a positive impact on your success?
Several faculty members at UWB have had a significant impact on my academic journey. Their
guidance and support have been instrumental in shaping my academic and career goals. In
addition, my health studies adviser greatly influenced my career and helped me find
opportunities that matched my interests.

Did you feel UWB has helped you envision how you can take your work in the classroom
and put it into direct practice with community organizations?

UWB’s commitment to
community engagement and experiential learning has shown me how classroom knowledge can
be applied to address real-world challenges. Through projects, internships, and fieldwork
experiences, I have had the opportunity to collaborate with community organizations and
translate theory into practice.
What else would you like to share? I am grateful for the diverse and inclusive learning
environment at UWB, which has broadened my perspective and enriched my education. I have
had the privilege of meeting incredible peers who share my passion for health and have a similar
goal of creating a meaningful and positive change for our community.