Meet Emily Brown, HS Student!

Health Studies student Emily Brown tells us about her experiences at UWB and making a difference on the Chancellor’s Advisory Board for Students.

Tell us about yourself and your academic journey!

I transferred to UWB in 2019 as a Health Studies Major hoping to start a Pre-OT track. After taking a few classes with Dr. Segadelli and Dr. Iyer, I realized I had a love for midwifery care and was dedicated to helping eliminate health disparities among African American women. I have always wanted to give back to my community and serve those through public health and healthcare. Throughout the rest of my time at UWB I focused on taking classes around advocacy, women’s health and healing, and other important public health courses that would help me be a more well-rounded leader.

Share a memorable course and what you liked about it.

BHLTH 497: Birth and Healing taught by Dr. Segadelli. In this course, I was able to get a glimpse into the type of support and care birth workers offer pregnant people. I was drawn to learning more about the physiology of birth and how modern medicine has impacted the birthing population in the US.

Tell us about your fieldwork experience:

For my fieldwork, I worked with the Midwives Association of Washington State. I got the chance to help advocate for a new bill that will help expand the scope and access to midwifery care in Washington state. I also helped organize virtual Lobby day where constitutions were able to meet with over 90 Washington state legislators and share why it is important to pass SB:5765. My time working with MAWS has opened so many doors for me and connected me with midwives from all across the state. In February I will be starting a job with one of the midwives I was able to connect with through my fieldwork and will be serving as her Midwife Assistant!

Is there anything else you would like to share with us?

I am also Co-Chair of the Chancellor’s Advisory board for Students on campus. In this role, I get the amazing opportunity to advocate for better recourse, materials, and facilities that support students in the School of Nursing and Health Studies!