Alumni Donor Spotlight: Bradley Budrow

We are pleased to highlight our alumni who give back to our school. Please enjoy reading about Bradley Budrow, BSN ’14, as he shares a little about his UW Bothell experience and why he gives back to our school.

Bradley Budrow

Why do you give to the school?

UWB gave me an exceptional nursing education along with facilitating a life-changing experience. With my professor, Dr. Mabel Ezeonwu and a group of Nursing and Health Studies students I traveled to Togo in West Africa. There I was able to observe, experience and participate in a healthcare system far different than ours in the US. That experience was largely funded by an alumni scholarship. I want other students to have those important experiences.

When you give to us, what is your hope and expectation of your gift?

I hope my gift will enable more students to afford tuition and have inspirational educational experiences. I wish all people had the opportunity to experience a great higher education.

Have you always been philanthropic?

I think so. When I was young I was the recipient of philanthropy from the Lions Club who sponsored our Scouts troop. Scouts also helped me understand the power of my giving. My Eagle Scout project involved facilitating a wilderness adventure for a group of children from the city. I don’t know if those kids remember the experience but I remember with fondness. Now as a 48 year-old I look back with pride at the contributions of time and money I’ve made over my life.

Do you give to other causes?

My wife and I make monthly contributions to local and national nursing advocacy, to international medical work, to a local shelter for homeless women and children, to local and national animal welfare advocates and caregivers, to advocates for civil liberties, to independent journalism, to NPR and PBS and to our alma maters. I often encounter other worthy causes. I wish I could give more.

Do you think it is important for alumni to give back to their programs and why?

I have enjoyed success in my career because of the contributions of those who came before me. I want to contribute toward the development of future classes. At the end of my career I want to be proud to pass the baton to the next generation of nurses who will take my place in caring for those in need.

Do we make it easy to give?

Yes. I prefer the option of giving monthly on a credit card. I think of philanthropic giving the way I think of my 401K contributions, giving regularly adds up.

Is there anything else you’d like to share pertaining to your giving and/or the school?

UWB has a beautiful campus but it’s the teaching that made my educational experience great. I want to support continued great teaching.