Meet Sukhaman Kaur!

Sukhaman Kaur, one of our Health Studies alumni, has returned to SNHS as our Fieldwork Program Manager. We asked Sukhaman a few questions about her role and how she helps us deliver on our mission. We encourage our community partners to work with Sukhaman if they have an idea for a student project.

Describe your new position – how does it help SNHS deliver on its mission?

The Fieldwork Program Manager position builds and maintains relationships with health care and community health organizations, while also understanding the interests and needs of the students who will be participating in fieldwork. As a result of requiring fieldwork to graduate, developing, collaborating with and matching fieldwork opportunities among students and community partners is a crucial part of helping SNHS deliver on its mission “to advance social justice, health, and nursing practice through innovative pedagogy, research and community engagement”.

What’s it like returning to your alma mater for work?

Returning to work at UWB has been a pleasure. Reconnecting with the beautiful campus, wonderful SNHS faculty/staff, and returning full circle to engage with students is quite fulfilling. In addition to working with the team and students, developing relationships with community partners as part of my work allows for collaboration, growth and boundless opportunity. All in all, once a Husky, always a Husky! Go Dawgs!

What are some things that excite you about the coming year?

The collaboration among students and partners, in addition to opportunity to build new fieldwork processes excites me about the coming year. I also look forward to connecting with the SNHS team and students across campus!

If I have an idea for a student project, how should I connect with Sukhaman? What should I expect?

UWB MN Fieldwork (On the left side navigation of the MN landing page), folks can submit an Online Request Form to share a fieldwork opportunity for a MN student. Please also feel free to reach out to Sukhaman via email at I am happy to connect in person or via Zoom as well.

What are some of the projects students are working on in the coming year?

An opportunity related to resiliency as it relates to COVID-19 and the Future of Nursing 2030 which also includes an aspect of pandemic preparedness. Explore where the WA workforce is with regards to pandemic preparedness and lessons learned to improve nurse resiliency moving forward.

Examining the influence of nursing mentorship on nurse leaders, centered around design and implementation of an ambulatory nurse leader mentorship cohort program.

Curriculum Development, reflect new lessons in a post COVID world, addition to social justice as a nurse. The course is Nursing Foundations, unique opportunity to hardwire crucial lessons.

Evaluation of leadership & nursing theory threaded through the curriculum. Evaluation of current use of grading rubrics, suggestions for improvements. Evaluation of curriculum in terms of content/process regarding cultural competence, cultural humility and DEI.

Quality Improvement project at the UWMC Translational Research Unit