Meet Hannah Gribben!

Hannah, a BSN major, is one the student committee members on the SNHS Bachelor of Science in Nursing Curriculum Committee (BSNCC). The committee members represent the interests of students through active participation in the BSNCC meetings and discussions.

We caught up with Hannah and asked her a few questions.

My name is Hannah Gribben and I am an emergency department RN at Valley Medical Center. I am also currently working on my BSN, which is my second bachelor’s degree. With this degree, I hope to go to graduate school, get my DNP, and work with vulnerable populations. I chose the UW Bothell RN to BSN program because it was developed for nurses and gave me the flexibility I needed as a working mom. In addition, I chose UW Bothell because I was interested in learning about working in the community. UW Bothell has a broad curriculum that includes opportunities that allow students to work with people from Harborview Medical Center and other places in the community. I have enjoyed the program so far and am excited to graduate this August!

One of my favorite courses in the program was Social Justice in Healthcare. As a person of color, it was interesting to learn about how the systemic racism still affects our healthcare system today. I am glad to now have a better understanding of power structures in our society, so I can help change it for the better.

For my 460 class, I worked with a nurse named Mona, who is a discharge planning nurse at Harborview Medical Center. My group and I had the opportunity to help answer Mona’s questions about the availability of Methadone versus Suboxone and why one is used more than the other. Although, it was primarily research writing, I enjoyed learning about something that directly affects patients that are being discharged from Harborview.

I have two beautiful daughters that are 8 and 11 years old. I have a very cute, small dog named Gerald. I have been married to my husband, Isaac, for over 15 years! I like doing yoga and playing music in my spare time, which doesn’t happen very often. I enjoy being a nurse and it is an honor to be a frontline worker during this crazy time.