Drs. Jody Early and Victoria Breckwich Vasquez featured on Crosscut

Paula Zambrano (pictured on the left) is a longtime farmworker in Yakima, and has faced many instances of sexual harasment on the job. Zambrano wrote a poem called "Basta! Basta! Basta!" to showcase her frustration with the system and the need for change regarding sexual harassment towards farmworkers. Her poem caught the eye of Drs. Jody Early and Victoria Breckwich Vasquez and the two worked for six years to create a curriculum called "Basta!", which is named after the poem Zambrano wrote. Crosscut outlines that Dr. Early mission in having sexual harassment regulated as a workplace safety issue by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Paula Zambrano, a longtime farm worker

Drs. Jody Early and Victoria Breckwich Vasquez are working with farmworkers, advocates, experts, and growers across the state of Washington to better understand the nature of the problem of workplace sexual harassment in agriculture and to then develop solutions. The information and perspectives of workers and experts that were collected from their research were used to develop the Workplace Sexual Harassment Prevention Toolkit. This toolkit works to provide farms with the resources they need to implement a comprehensive sexual harassment prevention program on their operations, with resources in English and Spanish, including an educational curriculum and training video, and key recommendations for developing Sexual Harassment policies in the workplace.

The Basta! Prevent Sexual Harassment in Agriculture video, facilitator’s guide, and electronic toolkit are available through the Pacific Northwest Agricultural Safety and Health Center (PNASH). Learn more about the Intervention and Campaign.

Basta! Preventing Sexual Harassment in Agriculture