Chemical & Engineering News interviews SNHS’ Dr. Lasker

Senior Lecturer and Director of Health Studies, Dr. Grace Lasker defines green chemistry as, “the science of making smart choices in how we design, make, use, and dispose of chemicals and chemical products.” Dr. Lasker and Dr. Edward Brush designed a symposium for Green Chemistry & Engineering conference (GC&E) about how green chemistry connects with social justice. The GC&E conference, the venue for Dr. Lasker’s symposium, is the largest green chemistry & engineering conference in the United States and included over 500 participants. In the July 13, 2018 Chemical & Engineering News article, “Empowering a sustainable world,” by Melody Bomgardner and Rudy Baum, Dr. Lasker describes her work and what she hopes to accomplish through the GC&E symposium. Those goals, which reinforce our School’s mission to support and improve the health of diverse communities, include promoting environmental justice. Drs. Lasker and Brush said they “view environmental justice as the state where all people, regardless of gender, age, race, or economic status, have the right to live, work, play, and learn in healthy and safe environments.” Read the full article on the Chemical & Engineering News website.

Grace Lasker, Senior Lecturer, Director Health Studies