Chris Wade Awarded UWBIG Funding

chris wade awarded uwbig funding

Chris Wade, Assistant Professor in the School of Nursing & Health Studies, has received a grant from the UW Bothell Initiatives Group (UWBIG). The pilot portion of his proposed project, The Development of an Easily Portable Website Architecture for a Compendium of Pedagogical Resources Proposal, has been awarded up to $5,000.

Professor Wade worked with Joe Shelley, Interim Assistant Vice Chancellor for Information Technologies, and others to define the scope of a pilot portion of a potential larger project. The project's goal is to create a reviewed online compendium of health related movies, clips, podcasts, games, comics, teaching tools, etc., which will be useful to our faculty for making e-learning transitions a bit easier and help students to better envision key health topics.

The UWBIG award is intended to fund student work to research available platforms (with a preference for UW-available tools), develop recommendations, and other activities to support the pilot project. Professor Wade will be working with and other stakeholders (such as TLC, Digital Communications, Library and OAA) in reviewing the recommendations and determining whether or how to move forward.