Catching Up with Sara Subo!

Sara SuboThis week, SNHS spent some time catching up with Sara Subo, Health Studies alum, class of 2020. 

Sara’s time at UWB was fairly short but she enjoyed every moment of it. “I earned my Associates degree through running start at Bellevue College. I think that the running start program really helped me focus on a certain career path and decide what I wanted to do.” Due to a medical condition, Sara took a quarter off before coming to UWB.  “My dream was to always attend UW. I chose Bothell specifically over Seattle because of the smaller class size and the convenience of the campus location.” 

In winter quarter 2019, she enrolled as a transfer student.  Sara felt supported during the transfer process and her time at UWB.  She says her, “transition to UWB was simple and stress free. Every question I had prior to orientation was answered by my wonderful advisor, Kristen Labrecque, who was there for me throughout my time at UWB.”  

Sara chose the Health Studies major, “because of the ability to explore the medical world aside from a healthcare workers stance.” The emphasis on society, and how we can help one another taught Sara, “how to become a more observant and empathetic student and coworker.”   

While taking classes, Sara says she “made some unforgettable friends and memories.” Sara described one fond memory of “reserving the meeting rooms at the library and getting my friends together to study, which most of the time was more of a hangout session and a way to take a break from school work.”    

During her time at UWB, Sara found that the professors were “involved and compassionate,” showing how much they care about the success of their students.  “Most of my professors really invested extra time to make sure that I had all the resources necessary to succeed and that they were always available if I ever needed extra assistance.” 

Since graduation, Sara is taking time during the pandemic to really focus on her goals for the future.  She is currently enrolled in an online MBA program in Global Management at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.  “My proudest accomplishment is being able to graduate with my Bachelors and start a graduate program all at the age of 20.” 

When asked what advice she would give to students, she said, “set goals for yourself but don’t be so hard on yourself if you don’t achieve it. What’s important is the effort and persistence that you put towards your goal and not letting one failure keep you from achieving that goal forever. So don’t be afraid to fail that class or take a needed break if need be.”  Sara emphasized, “It’s not the set back that matters, it’s your come back.” 

Sara considers education “an accomplishment that you can take anywhere with you and it’s something that you can’t lose.”  After her time with SNHS, Sara “definitely would recommend UWB to anyone who wants to be a part of an amazing community and where they can feel at home with the support system of the faculty.”