Nursing Leadership in the COVID Era

Nursing Leadership in the COVID EraSNHS recently led a tri-campus UW event in honor of the International Year of the Nurse and Midwives. It was titled  “Nursing Leadership in the COVID Era” and featured 3 members of the SNHS Health Care Advisory Board. The panelists consisted of distinguished regional Nursing leaders including Rory Rochelle who is Director of Nursing Professional Practice and was in charge of incident command for COVID at Kaiser Permanente, Jerome Mendoza Dayao who is Senior Associate Administrator and Chief Nursing Officer at Harborview Medical and Mary Shepler who is the Chief Nursing Officer at Evergreen Health. Panelists offered valuable and nuanced information on the challenges faced and lessons learned during the course of the pandemic. The rich discussion included the ways that Nurses are best positioned to transform health care and focused on the skills necessary to successfully lead in times of crisis, ambiguity and rapid change. Panelists also had a meaningful discussion focused on how organizations are actively responding to reduce systemic racism through anti-racist policies and practices in their organizations. 

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