July 2021

Kenworthy in LA Times

Nora KenworthySNHS Associate Professor Nora Kenworthy's research on crowd-funding, which has been cited on both CNN and Marketplace, is now featured in an op-ed piece in the LA Times.  

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MN Students Expand Training

Jenna MathiesStudents in the MN program had an opportunity to work with the Washington State Nurses Association to decrease workplace violence.

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Community-Based Learning with Rainier Valley Midwives

Jodilyn OwenSNHS partnered with the Rainier Valley Midwives to place over 45 students in fieldwork positions.  According to Jodilyn Owens, co-founder and clinical director, the clinic will put the students' work to practical use. 

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Digital Divide

Jody EarlySNHS associate professor Jody Early, author of Digital Disenfranchisement and COVID-19: Broadband Internet Access as a Social Determinant of Health, explores how inequitable access to broadband internet can be a social determinant of health.

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