December 2022

Appel Studies the "New Normal"

Hoa AppelWith a $100k grant from the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute, Dr. Hoa Appel used a new patient-centered approach to study how the “new normal” school environment during COVID-19 impacted student mental health in Seattle-area schools. 

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SNHS Announces New Program: Master of Science in Community Health & Social Justice

grace laskerThe School of Nursing & Health Studies is proud to announce the launch of the new Master of Science in Community Health & Social Justice!  Students will explore the root causes of health inequities, promote and implement anti-racist policies and social justice through community health programming, and develop the leadership skills to serve and uplift historically marginalized communities.  Classwork will be in social justice, history and ethics, research theory, advocacy, social epidemiology, inclusive health care management and related topics.

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Niitsu Represents UWB at National Conference

Ko Niitsu at conferenceSNHS Assistant Professor Kosuke Niitsu presented his research and represented UW Bothell at the American Psychiatric Nurses Association Annual Conference in October.

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