Office of Digital Learning & Innovation (DLI)

Media Lab Hours

Open Learning Lab (UW2-140) hours


Tutoring Hours:

The Lab is currently staffed Monday through Thursday 10:00am - 4:00pm - During the Quarter. We do not have support for students during the interims or holidays. 

Room Hours:

  • The Digital Media Lab (UW2-121) is open UW2 building hours unless otherwise noted on the calendar above.
  • The Open Learning Lab (UW2-140) is open UW2 building hours.
  • Please click here for building hours.

Digital Media Lab (UW2-121) hours

Using these Calendars

If you intend to use the DML (UW2-121) or The Open Learning Lab (UW2-140) please check these calendars daily for support hours and classroom reservations.

Use the [<] and [>] date navigation buttons above the calendar to check upcoming availability.

If you are working in the Digital Media Lab (UW2-121) please be prepared to save and close out your workstation 15 minutes before the next scheduled class reservation.

Calendar Guide:

  • Fields in gold are hours of tutoring support for the Open Learning Lab (UW2-140).
  • Fields in red are classroom reservations for the Digital Media Lab (UW2-121).

Thank you for using UWB's Digital Media Labs!