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Trumba event calendar overview

The University of Washington's central UW Calendar of Events for all campus public events and departmental calendars is housed in a calendaring system called Trumba. It features event registration and the ability to embed individual calendars into websites.

Account request

Send your request to Office of Communications & Marketing staff at You will need to include the following information when requesting a new Trumba account:

* Note: Use of shared UW NetIDs for calendar administration is strongly discouraged. Because shared UW NetIDs are used by multiple people, the IDs provide no way of tracing calendar activity to a particular person, which may be warranted in case of misuse.

Requesting access for other unit's calendars

Calendar publishers can request publishing access to other UW Bothell unit's calendars by contacting the unit's primary calendar publisher. Then the publisher can forward the approval email or the primary calendar publisher can email us directly, Cc'ing the new publisher, at


 UW Seattle provides Trumba training videos.  The videos present an overview of the basics of Trumba such as adding and editing events. Email if you want to request an in-person training.

Trumba documentation

Trumba is administered by UW Seattle. For a full list of documentation, check out the UW Event Calendar page.


The Office of Marketing & Communications has primary responsbility for back-end administration of the Trumba calendar. Each unit is responsible for entering events and ensuring accuracy of its information.
Units that have top-level website directories may request their own Trumba calendar. Additionally, degree programs that are fee-based may also request a child calendar.

Marketing & Communications reserves the right to periodically review calendars and remove any that have not been used in two years.

The University calendar is a state resource and restricted to University events.

It is also a best practice for the UW Bothell online calendar to only post events or activities that are taking place at the Bothell campus or that are hosted by a unit at UW Bothell. To maintain the campus focus of this calendar, posting events or activities from other campuses is not encouraged. An exception are tri-campus events or activities hosted by central units that may be housed at the Seattle campus, such as The Whole U.

Email to contact the Trumba administrator for UW Bothell.

Calendars & primary calendar publishers

Primary calendar publishers are responsible for their designated calendar and monitor calendar editing access as well as approve requests from other units for access to share events onto their calendar.

To learn more about cross-calendar event sharing, please contact

Calendar names and their primary calendar publishers:
Calendar Primary Publisher Email
Activities & Recreation Center Madison Collins
Admissions (undergraduate) Vi Tran
Advancement Ashley Magdall
Alumni Engagement Jessica Newkirk
Career Services Kimberly Wilson
Faculty Pamela Lundquist
Food Nicole Sanderson
Human Resources (OE/HR) Albina Korolkova
International Student Services Blake Baxter
Information Technology (IT) Adri MacArthur
Research (Sponsored Research) Sarah Verlinde-Azofeifa
Safety Cham Kao
School of Business Chris Brewer
School of Educational Studies Michele Graaff
School of IAS Sakara Buyagawan
School of Nursing & Health Studies Michelle Darci
School of STEM Kate Holland-Stone
Student Affairs Tim Wilson
Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (ODEI) Bailey Cheney
Sustainability Therese Zorich
Office of Connected Learning Sarah Verlinde-Azofeifa
Welcome Week Terry Hill