Martha Groom reviews capacity development evaluation in biodiversity conservation

IAS faculty member Martha Groom and colleagues published a review of capacity development efforts to enhance biodiversity conservation. Part of a special issue on capacity development - training and supports to conservation practitioners - Groom and colleagues poured through a database of capacity development reports to ...

January 14, 2022

Joe Ferrare publishes article, bringing together scholars of network science

IAS faculty member Joe Ferrare published “Measuring Issue Preferences, Idea Brokerage, and Research-Use in Policy Networks: A Case Study of the Policy Innovators in Education (PIE) Network” in the recent book Knowledge Brokers, Networks and the Policymaking Process (Eds. M. Weber & I. Yanovitzky). The article connects to ...

January 12, 2022

Melanie Malone: community research on the Lower Duwamish Superfund

IAS faculty member Melanie Malone and colleagues from UW Seattle led a project to facilitate community research on the Lower Duwamish Superfund. The project, "Co-creating an Adaptive Community-Science Network: Supporting Tribal and Grassroots Action through the Puget Creek Watershed Assessment," ...

November 19, 2021

Jin-Kyu Jung discusses “Local Territories, Global Power Structures”

IAS faculty member Jin-Kyu Jung participated as a discussant in the “Local Territories, Global Power Structures” panel session in Reclaiming the City: Perspectives on Contemporary Korea Conference, held at Nam Center for Korean Studies, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI.

November 15, 2021

Hana Abdulrahman named to Chancellor’s Advisory Committee for Students

Hana Abdulrahman, a current Master of Arts in Policy Studies candidate, has been named as the Graduate Student Representative for the 2021-2022 Chancellor’s Advisory Committee for Students (CACS). As a body, CACS represents all students at UW Bothell and collaborates to advise the Chancellor and the executive team on campus-wide issues and major initiatives affecting students. Hana brings ...

October 20, 2021

Jin-Kyu Jung: “The Harder We Run: The State of Black Buffalo in 1990 and the Present”

IAS faculty member Jin-Kyu Jung co-authored a report, “The Harder We Run: The State of Black Buffalo in 1990 and the Present,” with Dr. Henry-Louis Taylor, Jr. and Evan Dash at the University of Buffalo Center for Urban Studies. The study aimed to determine how the City’s emerging post-industrial or knowledge economy impacted African Americans, and sought to determine if the Black socioeconomic trajectory is ...

October 18, 2021

Jin-Kyu Jung presents research on the limits of crowdfunding data

IAS faculty members Jin-Kyu Jung co-presented an ongoing collaborative work with Nora Kenworthy at School of Nursing and Health Studies at the 2021 4S (Society for Social Studies of Science) Annual Meeting. Their paper, "Knowing through undoing: Creative, collaborative, and disruptive strategies for remaking and unmapping public knowledge about crowdfunding platforms," ...

October 15, 2021