Joe Ferrare publishes article, bringing together scholars of network science

policy innovators in education
Joe Ferrare

IAS faculty member Joe Ferrare published “Measuring Issue Preferences, Idea Brokerage, and Research-Use in Policy Networks: A Case Study of the Policy Innovators in Education (PIE) Network” in the recent book Knowledge Brokers, Networks and the Policymaking Process (Eds. M. Weber & I. Yanovitzky).

The article connects to Ferrare’s broader project of advancing the use of network analysis in ways that better inform education policy – from the work of community activists and organizations to federal policymaking institutions. For example, with funding from the Spencer Foundation, he recently co-hosted a multi-day virtual convening of international network scientists and education policy experts titled, “New Applications in Social Network Analysis to Education Policy: Building Capacity of the Field.”

Ferrare is also teaching a course in network analysis and visualization (BIS 447) during the Winter 2022 quarter.