Community Van

This is a rideshare program brought to you by King County and participating cities to provide community members with a flexible way to share the ride. UW Bothell is partnering with the Cities of Bothell and Woodinville to bring the Community Van Program to the Bothell Woodinville area! This volunteer driven service is designed to provide residents with customized options for getting around when bus services can’t meet their needs and operates in several communities throughout King County.

The Van

  • 6 and 12 passenger vans
  • Consists of 1 volunteer driver and up to 5 or 11 passengers
  • One seat is available for a wheelchair passenger in smaller vans
  • 4 vans total to be used in program (2 at UWB; 1 at City Hall in Bothell; 1 at City Hall in Woodinville)

How it Works

  • Community members travel together to local destinations throughout the day, evening and weekends.
  • Group trips and stops are preplanned ahead of time by requesting a trip with the Community Transportation Coordinator.
  • Riders contact their Community Transportation Coordinator to find pre-scheduled Community Van trips or see trips on this page posted by others.
  • Trips must have at least two passengers in addition to the volunteer driver. Each rider will pay a standard Metro fare while the driver travels for free. All youth under age 19 always ride Metro services free.
  • Riders request a trip through the listed trip contact or Community Transportation Coordinator.
  • Riders can suggest a trip they know is popular with their friends and neighbors.

Bothell-Woodinville Community Trips

Click the Trip Schedule button below to see a list of trips that are scheduled with the Bothell-Woodinville Community Van. If you’d like to share a ride for any of these trips contact the Bothell-Woodinville Community Transportation Coordinator via email at: or call 425-420-6514.

We are recruiting volunteer drivers

Support your neighbors, your community and help the environment by becoming a Community Van volunteer driver. You can choose which trips you drive and how many times you drive a week.

How to become an approved volunteer driver

Download the Community Van Driver Application, then complete, sign and email your application to King County Metro or visit Community Van Program – Rideshare – King County Metro – King County to fill out and submit an electronic application.

Have questions? Please feel free to email or call King County Metro at 206-625-4500. You can also call the Bothell-Woodinville Community Transportation Coordinator at 425-420-6514.

Start driving for your community

After receiving and reviewing your application, Metro and your Community Transportation Coordinator will contact you to help you get started and on the road sharing community trips.

Got a great idea for a shared trip in your community? Tell us about it!