Virtual Permits

Virtual Permits with License Plate Recognition system

FAQ’s on the new system

What are “virtual” permits?

  • The new License Plate Recognition (LPR) system provides virtual permits through a vehicle’s license plate, instead of paper permits or plastic hangtags. Commuter Services uses a vehicle with specialized equipment to validate parking permissions as it drives past license plates.

How will my license plate information be used?

  • The license plate information collected will only be referenced against the campus database for purposes of verifying parking permissions on campus.

What are the benefits of virtual permits?

  • Virtual permits allow us to eliminate the need for printed parking permits and thus make our parking system more sustainable. There will be no need to stand in line waiting for your permit, no permits that are lost in the mail, and no need to move a physical permit between your vehicles. As long as your vehicle(s) are properly registered in your online parking account, the LPR system will validate your permission when any of the vehicles are parked on campus.

What if I own/drive more than one vehicle to campus?

  • You can register up to 4 vehicles on the same virtual parking permit. However, only one vehicle is allowed on campus at a time per permit. The LPR technology will recognize the first vehicle as valid, but additional vehicles under the same permit will be subject to citation unless a daily permit is purchased from a pay station. One license plate can not be associated with two separate parking accounts.

What if I purchased a new vehicle?

  • You can register your temporary license plate to your permit through the parking portal. Please ensure to update and register your permanent license plate once it is recieved and installed. It is important to note this information must be updated prior to parking on campus.

How do I properly register my vehicle’s license plate?

  • It is imperative that your license plate number and vehicle(s) information is current and remains up to date. Take a note of your license plate number or a photo on your phone to remember the number, as you make your virtual permit purchase. If you are temporarily using a different vehicle or license plate, you must promptly update this information in your account on the parking portal.

What’s happening with the data that is being collected by the LPR system?

I have a personalized plate. What do I include in the license plate information?

  • If you have a personalized plate with a special character within your plate (star, dash, plus-sign, etc.) you will skip the special character and enter in the number of characters remaining on the plate. Example: AAA-111 will be entered as AAA111.
  • Certain plates have letters running vertically on the side of the plate. You must include all letters and numbers on your license plate information and in the order in which it reads.
  • Please see below for examples of special license plate numbers:
Vehicle License PlateLicense Plate to Enter
7663 LEM