Frequently Asked Questions

What are the current parking rates for Bothell Campus?

When can I buy parking permits?

  • Quarterly-
    • ​Students, Staff/Faculty – Approximately one month before the beginning of each next quarter
  • Annual – 
    • Students – Approximately one month prior to Autumn Quarter
    • Staff/faculty – Approximately one month prior to July 1st

Where can I buy parking permits?

  • Parking permits can be purchased online at the NuPark website. In order to log in, you must have a current UW NET ID. If you do not have a UW NET ID, you must first create one on the Cascadia website. It will take 48 hours for the ID to set up. 
  • The NuPark website accepts Visa and Master cards for payment. You may also purchase a virtual permit with cash or check at the Cashier’s Office in Husky Hall.

What are the fines for parking citations? Where can fines be paid?

  • Fines for parking citations vary depending on the type of citation issued. View the Pay/Appeal Info and Procedures page for information about various fines. Currently, all payments can be made through the Bothell Campus Parking Portal. All fines incurred prior to June 1st, 2019 must be paid with Coast Professional Inc. (CPI) 888.815.2843.

Who is determining the parking rates and transportation practices for Bothell Campus, including making any changes to those practices?

  • All rates and major changes to the operations of the Commuter Services department are discussed by the Commuter Services Advisory Committee (CSAC). Recommendations are sent out for deliberation and must be approved by the UW Board of Regents and Cascadia College Board of Trustees. For more information on the committee, please visit the CSAC Recommendations webpage.

Why do I need to pay for parking on the Bothell Campus?

  • Parking and transportation systems in all State of Washington public colleges and universities are mandated to be financially self-sustaining. All operations, maintenance, and capital improvements are to be paid for by the respective Commuter Services departments. This means all safety improvements and all other aspects of maintaining parking space on campus, must be paid for by the Commuter Services department and not by State of Washington funds.

The parking rates have been increased; what is it going towards?

  • Rate increases are approved by the Commuter Services Advisory Committee only when absolutely necessary in order to operate the Commuter Services department, pay for transportation infrastructure, and transportation programs. The most recent increase in permit prices also helps to subsidize the cost of a U-PASS for campus community members who rely on transit in order to get to campus. Without the increase in rates, we would not be able to offer the U-PASS for reasonable rates.  

Is there a grace period at the beginning of each quarter?

  • ​​​​There is no grace period.  Purchasing parking permits is now more accessible and easier to obtain. Before the academic quarter begins, it is the responsibility of campus members to purchase permits online.  Payment for parking is required and enforced 24/7 on campus. 

Who do I contact if I have questions with my U-Car rental?

  • You may contact UW Fleet Services via email or phone 206.221.3594. Commuter Services does not manage U-Car rentals but is happy to assist with general questions.