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Denis Trapido

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Curriculum Vitae

2008 Ph.D. in Sociology, Stanford University
2003 M.A. in Sociology, Stanford University
2002 M.A. in Sociology and Social Policy, University of Tartu
2001 B.A. in Sociology (minors in Economics and Political Science), University of Tartu

Organization Theory, Social Networks, Economic Sociology, Creativity and Innovation, Social Inequality in Markets

2015 to present - Assistant Professor, School of Business, UW Bothell
2008-2015 - Assistant Professor of Organization and Management at the Paul Merage School of Business and Assistant Professor (by courtesy) of Sociology, UC Irvine

Trapido, Pallotti, Lomi. 2019. "Client's outcomes from providers' networks: the role of relational exclusivity and complementary capabilities." Exeley.

Trapido, Pechmann, Yoon, Prochaska. 2020. "Perceived Costs versus Actual Benefits of Demographic Self-Disclosure in Online Support Groups." Journal of Consumer Psychology.

Trapido, Denis. 2015. “How Novelty in Knowledge Earns Recognition: The Role of Consistent Identities.” Research Policy 44(8):1488-1500.

Trapido, Denis. 2013. “Counterbalances to Economic Homophily: Microlevel Mechanisms in a Historical Setting.” American Journal of Sociology 119(2):444-485.

Trapido, Denis. 2013. “Dual Signals: How Competition Makes or Breaks Interfirm Social Ties.” Organization Science 24(2):498-512.

Trapido, Denis. 2012. “Performance Implications of Syndication Networks.” Pp. 401-420 in The Oxford Handbook of Venture Capital, edited by D. Cumming. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press.

Trapido, Denis and Henning Hillmann. 2010. “Relational Counterbalances to Economic Endogamy: A Theory and a Historical Example.” Academy of Management Proceedings.

Trapido, Denis. 2007. “Competitive Embeddedness and the Emergence of Interfirm Cooperation.” Social Forces 86(1):165-191.

Trapido, Denis. 2007. “Gendered Transition: Post-Soviet Trends in Gender Wage Inequality among Young Full-Time Workers.” European Sociological Review 23(2):223-237.

Managing Organizational Behavior
Management of Innovative Organizations
Organizational Analysis for Management
Organization Theory

2010, 2014 Research Grant, Don Beall Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at UCI, $11,500
2010 Research Grant, Council on Research, Computing and Library Resources, $3,500
2007 Dissertation Grant, the National Science Foundation, $6,500
2005 Graduate Research Opportunity grant, Stanford University, School of Humanities and Sciences, $3,000

2009-2015 Research Affiliate, Center for Global Leadership, the Paul Merage School of Business, UC Irvine
2005 Richard S. Goldsmith Award for Writing in Dispute Resolution, Stanford University
2005 Fellowship of the Stanford Center for Conflict and Negotiation
2002 Winner of the Estonian Academy of Sciences Nationwide Competition of Student Research
2001 Second Award in the Estonian National Competition of Student Research

2014 HEC (Paris)
2013 Stanford University
2013 University of California, Riverside
2013 University of Lugano
2009 California State University, Long Beach
2007 University of Illinois, Chicago
2005 University of Oulu
2004 University of Tartu

Academy of Management Journal
American Journal of Sociology
Administrative Science Quarterly
American Sociological Review
Group and Organization Management
International Sociology
Organization Studies
Research Policy
Socio-Economic Review