Transfer Credit Policies

General Policy

To students pursuing a first bachelor’s degree, the Office of Admissions awards transfer credit according to the guidelines discussed here. Admissions reserves the right to accept or reject credits earned at other institutions of higher education.

In general, it is University policy to accept credits earned at institutions fully accredited by their regional accrediting association, provided that such credits have been earned through college-level courses appropriate to the student’s degree program at the University of Washington Bothell. For courses taken at Washington community colleges, refer to the UW Course Equivalency Guide to determine how your credit may transfer to UW Bothell.

Before registering for classes all students should meet with an academic advisor to plan a program of study. The advisor determines how the transfer credits shown on the transfer-credit evaluation may be used to meet degree requirements.

Transfer Credit Evaluation

The transfer credit evaluation is a course-by-course entry of transfer credits into a student’s UW Bothell record. This is completed after an admitted student pays the Enrollment Confirmation Deposit and shortly before the new student’s Orientation session (when advising and class registration begin). Academic advisors and students can access this information through the UW system.

The information recorded on the transfer credit evaluation, including the transfer of credits and the transfer GPA, becomes part of the student’s permanent record at UW Bothell. If a student applies to an academic major program, transfer course work and the transfer GPA will be considered.

The transfer credit evaluation is not an official transcript. The official UW Bothell transcript (the document sent to other institutions upon the student’s request) lists all colleges that a student has attended and the total number of transfer credits awarded, but does not include the transfer GPA or a detailed listing of awarded transfer credits. Transfer grades are not calculated into the UW Bothell GPA.

Class Standing

A student’s class standing is determined by the total number of transfer credits awarded by UW Bothell, not by the number of years of college study or by the completion of an associate degree.

ClassCredit Range
First-Year0 – 44
Sophomore45 – 89
Junior90 – 134
Class Standing by Credits

Quarter vs. Semester Credits

Colleges and universities that operate on a semester calendar award semester credit. UW Bothell operates on a quarter calendar and awards quarter credit. To convert quarter credits to semester credits, multiply by two-thirds. To convert semester to quarter credits, multiply by 1.5. For example, a student who has earned 30 credits at an institution on a semester calendar would earn 45 quarter credits at UW Bothell.

Transferable & Non-transferable Credit

Official International Credential Evaluation

UW Bothell will accept international credential evaluations from any of the preferred agencies listed below or any agency that is a member of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES). All evaluations must be completed with official documents sent to the evaluation company directly from institutions. A course-by-course evaluation must be sent to the Office of Admissions at UW Bothell in a sealed envelope or other means of official transmission directly from the evaluation agency.

Petition Procedure

A student wishing to challenge course credits toward program prerequisites or program degree requirements must contact an academic advisor in your program first.

Reverse Transfer

Reverse Transfer is a means by which a student may receive an associate’s degree after transferring from a 2-year, lower division institution of higher education to a 4-year institution. The University of Washington Reverse Transfer program is limited to students who have transferred from a Washington Community or Technical College to the University of Washington.

Learn more about Reverse Transfer here.

Course Equivalency Guide

Use the UW Course Equivalency Guide to find out how courses from a Washington State community or technical college will transfer to the University of Washington Bothell.