Applying Transfer Credit to Degree Requirements

The Office of Admissions has the authority to make decisions on transfer of credit to the University and the application of transfer credits to fulfill university core subject, general education and proficiency requirements. Academic program offices have the authority to determine application of transfer credits to fulfill major requirements. During the first quarter of enrollment, a student should meet with an academic advisor to plan a program of study and learn how their transfer credits will apply towards degree requirements.

Alternative Credit Options

The UW Bothell does not award general credit for work or life experience. However, two avenues exist for obtaining credit under selected circumstances.

  • Once enrolled at the UWB, students may explore the possibility of obtaining departmental approval for transfer of credit earned through course work taken at an unaccredited institution.
  • Students may arrange to challenge specific UWB courses via credit by examination if the same knowledge has been gained through independent study outside a formal educational setting.

For information concerning course work taken at an unaccredited institution or for information on credit by examination for independent study completed outside a formal educational setting, contact your academic advisor after enrolling at UW Bothell.