Veteran Students

The University of Washington Bothell is proud to provide a high level of education to those who have served our country. The Admissions Department is here to serve active service members and their families to ensure a smooth transition to University of Washington Bothell. We can help answer questions on how to apply for admission, how any credits you’ve earned will transfer or any other general enrollment questions.


Veterans of the U.S. military service apply for admittance to the University and for V.A. benefits simultaneously. The University may allow credit for military service activities which have educational content to students who present acceptable military records. Such records are submitted as part of admission credentials along with a request for evaluation.


Veteran Services

UW Bothell Veteran & Military Resources Office provides assistance to students who are entitled to receive educational benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs. Whether a student is a new applicant for benefits or has used them at previous institutions, Veteran & Military Resources Office is committed to working in partnership to ensure that the process is simple and well-organized.

The resources office can answer your questions about possible tuition reduction, the application process, what forms to fill out and much more!

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