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Trumba Overview

As of June 2013, UW moved its central UW Calendar of Events for all campus public events and departmental calendars to a new calendaring system called Trumba. It provides a better user interface, event registration, and the ability to embed individual calendars into websites.

Account Request

Send your request to Advancement & External Relations: You will need to include the following information when requesting a new Trumba account:

* Note: Use of shared UW NetIDs for calendar administration is strongly discouraged. Because shared UW NetIDs are used by multiple people, the IDs provide no way of tracing calendar activity to a particular person, which may be warranted in case of misuse.

Requesting access for other unit's calendars

Calendar publishers can request publishing access to other UW Bothell unit's calendars by contacting the unit's primary calendar publisher. Then the publisher can forward the approval email or the primary calendar publisher can email us directly, Cc'ing the new publisher, at


The University of Washington Bothell is unable to provide comprehensive training but a brief, in-person training on how to add events as well as sharing a link to the UW Seattle Trumba training videos is available upon request.  The training video presents an overview of the basics of Trumba such as adding and editing events. Email if you want to request an in-person training.

Trumba documentation

Trumba is administered by UW Seattle. For a full list of documentation, check out the UW Event Calendar page.


The Office of Marketing & Communications has primary responsbility for back-end administration of the Trumba calendar. Each unit is responsible for entering events and ensuring accuracy of their information.
Units who have top-level web directories may request their own Trumba calendar. Additionally, degree programs that are fee-based may also request a child calendar. Marketing & Communications reserves the right to periodically review calendars and remove any that have not been used in two years.