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The University has internal deadlines in place for proposals submissions to outside entities, based on Grants Information Memorandum, GIM 19:

  • 7-day deadline: business section and a final draft of the narrative is complete.
  • 3-day deadline: entire proposal must be complete and ready to submit.

Please refer to the UW Seattle Office of Research GIM 19 page for details.

Conflicts of Interest / Outside Compensation

The University of Washington has comprehensive policies concerning the broad spectrum of ethics issues that emerge in the complex and varied environment of University life. These policies reflect the underlying rationale, University expectations, and designated procedures for appropriate disclosure and review of conflicts of commitment and conflicts of interest, including financial interests that might bias or otherwise threaten the integrity of the results of sponsored projects.

Reporting on Externally Sponsored Projects

Faculty effort is the time faculty spend on their university activities, including research, instruction, administration, service and clinical activity.

This policy sets forth conditions for the documentation of effort for faculty and professional staff who receive compensation, in whole or in part, through a grant or sponsored agreement, or who have committed personnel costs as part of cost sharing obligation on a grant or sponsored agreement.

UW Bothell Sponsored Research Policies

UW Bothell Principal Investigator Eligibility

UW Bothell has developed the following procedure for establishing Principal Investigator (PI) eligibility.

PI eligibility is normally granted to UW employee categories as follows:

  • Tenure-track faculty (eligible or has tenure)
  • Without tenure by reason of funding (WOT) faculty
  • Teaching-track faculty
  • Research-track faculty
  • Professor-of-Practice
  • Artist-in-Residence & Senior Artist-in-Residence faculty
  • Research Scientist/Engineer (RSE) at Grade 8 and above – RSEs may submit requests to submit a grant or contract as a UW PI in writing to their campus dean no later than 60 days prior to the proposal submission deadline. These requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis. The dean will provide a written response to the RSE no later than 30 days prior to the proposal submission deadline. When there are less than 60 days to proposal submission date, expedited processing can be requested. The University may exercise its discretion in designating the PI for any proposal, irrespective of the contributions to the development of the proposal.
  • PNNL dual appointments who have UW affiliate faculty status per an MOU between UW and Battelle Memorial Institute Pacific Northwest Division (note that these are the only affiliate faculty who are normally granted PI eligibility).

Employees holding other UW job titles must contact their campus dean (if applicable) and their appropriate vice chancellor to request an exception on a case-by-case basis. Note that to be considered for PI eligibility (normal or exception), employees must have a UW appointment that is longer than the project period for the grant. Eligibility to serve as a PI does not guarantee the University will approve any proposal developed by the PI-eligible employee.

Course Buyouts, Overload, and More

UW Bothell provides information related to course buyouts, overload, cancellations, and more. Visit the Faculty Compensation Policies to learn more.

UW Bothell Center Policies

UW Bothell Sponsored Research Support Model