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Sponsored Research Staff

Cindy Shirley
Director, UW Bothell Sponsored Programs
Phone: 425.352.3398
Office: LBA 204C
A Certified Research Administrator and UW Bothell OSP here to assist in the wide-range aspects of research administration for UW Bothell.
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Carolyn Brennan
Assistant Vice Chancellor
Phone: 425.352.5355
Office: Truly House
Assistant Vice Chancellor responsible for supporting all aspects of research administration and connected learning for the UW Bothell campus.

Leena Perera
Budget Fiscal Analyst Lead
Phone: 425.352.5492
Leena is a Fiscal Analyst focused on reconciling budgets, collecting GCCRs, and clarifying fiscal compliance within the grants world.

Sarah Verlinde-Azofeifa
Administrative and Communications Manager
Phone: 425.352.3795
Website, marketing and communications. Supports the Offices of Sponsored Research and Connected Learning.

Amanda Sendele
Program Coordinator
Phone: 425.352.3528
Supports the Offices of Sponsored Research and Connected Learning with administrative work.

Kelsey Bolinger
Program Coordinator
Office: LBA 204E
Supports the Offices of Sponsored Research and Connected Learning with administrative and communications work.

Mailing Address

Sponsored Research – UW Bothell
Box 358523
17927 113th AVE NE
Bothell, WA 98011

Office of Sponsored Research Services

Not sure who to contact? Most of our staff is cross-trained in many services.


  • Carolyn Brennan – looking for opportunities, grant writing and development, early career development
  • Cindy Shirley – budget development, kick-off meetings with PIs
  • Leena Perera – creates eGC1s for UW Bothell faculty


  • Cindy Shirley – manages Faculty Effort Certifications (FECs)
  • Leena Perera – fiscal compliance contact, manages Grant and Contract Certification Reports (GCCRs) for staff effort, approves cost transfers for faculty, reconciles all grant budgets for faculty, quarterly check-ins and kick-off meetings with UW Bothell faculty PIs.

Office of Sponsored Programs

In addition to her role in the Office of Sponsored Research, Cindy Shirley also serves UW Bothell with a dotted-line to the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) in Seattle. OSP reviews and submits proposals to external sponsors and accepts funding on behalf of the University for research, instruction, and other sponsored activity.

OSP supports the research community by establishing policies related to sponsored program funding, providing guidance and consultation, and serving as a formal liaison with the sponsor on administrative changes throughout the life of the award. Cindy is available to answer questions related to your project.

Indirect Cost Recovery Distribution

The indirect cost recovery division at UW Bothell is as follows: 60% of the funds received go to the Office of Sponsored Research. The remaining 40% go to the School/Center, who have their own distribution guidelines. Calculation takes place after the year end and distribution generally happens in the fall.

Undergraduate Research

This unit is now located under the Connected Learning.

Annual Reports