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Proposal Development Workshop Series: CAREER Edition

This NSF CAREER proposal development workshop series will guide participants to write and submit a NSF CAREER proposal in 8 meetings over 4 months. Each meeting will include the following components that provide a coordinated framework for proposal completion:
  1. Guidance for enhancing the competitiveness of each part of the proposal
  2. Specific writing tasks to be completed between meetings
  3. Peer-review and feedback on previously assigned writing
Optional consultations between meetings provide additional support for participants working toward proposal submission. We are looking for 8-10 faculty who will commit to attending ALL 8 meetings and complete the assigned writing tasks. 
With guidance from past CAREER award winners, members of the UW Bothell Office of Research, and each others, participants will generate a well-designed CAREER proposal that is built upon research-related text that can be reused in subsequent proposals. In addition to producing a compelling and reusable description of their own research, participants will learn about each other’s research and possibilities for within-and cross-disciplinary collaboration. Opportunities for socializing outside of the eight required meetings will also be offered.

Next session begins March 2018.


Session 1: Understanding the NSF CAREER Solicitation

What Defines a Successful CAREER proposal?
           ""      CAREER Webinar Slides
         ""      NSF CAREER Tips
        ""   CAREER Solicitation

Session 2: Writing for the NSF Reviewer: Characteristics of an Easy-to-Review Proposal 

Intellectual Merit and Broader Impacts
       ""    The "CAREER" Experience

Session 3:Developing a Budget for a NSF CAREER Proposal


Session 4: CAREER Award Timeline and How to Communicate it

Timeline connection to intellectual merit, broader impacts, and budget

Session 5: Developing Broader Impacts

What are they and What Resources Does UWB Office of Research Provide?

Session 6: NSF CAREER Webinar

       ""    Early CAREER Development Program: EHR Webinar slides


Session 7: Supporting Documents: Tricks and Templates


Session 8: Submission Date! Final Checks & Celebration

Evaluation of Workshop Series