IAS Faculty Members Receive I-DISCO Seed Funding for Research Initiatives

A total of 19 IAS faculty members received I-DISCO seed funding to support a variety of interdisciplinary and collaborative research and development efforts. (I-DISCO stands for “Initiative to Develop Interdisciplinary Scholarship and Collaboration.” Launched in 2012, I-DISCO funding was reviewed by a task force last year, and formalized, with a charge to assess and publicize its outcomes.

Funding categories, and recipients, for 2016-2017 are as follows:

Research Interest Groups:

  • Critical Geographies of Place, Culture, and Cities: Christian Anderson (Contact), Jin-Kyu Jung, Lauren Berliner, Dan Berger
  • Rethinking Economies: S.Charusheela (Contact), Susan Harewood, Christian Anderson
  • Hybrid Epistemologies of Socio-Environmental Change: Santiago Lopez (Contact), Jin-Kyu Jung, Felipe Murtinho (Seattle University)
  • Identifying Overlaps in Research Questions for Teaching Science, Art, and STS: Becca Price (Contact), Tyler Fox, Amy Lambert
  • Advancing Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: Linda Watts (Contact)
  • Contemplative Practice as Pedagogy: Alice Pedersen (Contact), Kristin Gustafson, Amy Lambert

Collaborative Reserve Funding:

  • Transnational Praxis Research Collaboration: Ron Krabill (Contact)

IAS Distinguished Speaker:

  • Ricardo Dominguez, hosted by micha cárdenas (Contact)

IAS Writing/Creation Workshops:

  • micha cárdenas, Assistant Professor: “Shifting Poetics; Trans of Color Movement in Digital Media”
  • Charlie Collins, Assistant Professor: The Influence of Inequality on Individual-Level Processes: Citizenship in the Context of Inequality
  • Kristy Leissle, Lecturer: “Cocoa”
  • Robert Trumbull, Lecturer: “Life-death: Derrida and Psychoanalysis”
  • Jane Wong, PIP Teaching Fellow: “Questions for the Dead: A Poetry Project”

The next funding round for I-DISCO will be Spring 2016 for funding July 2016-June 2017. Applications will be accepted for all categories except Collaborative Reserve Funding.