Amaranth Borsuk receives Club Advisor of the Year award

amaranth borsuk club advisor of the year

At the Club Council Recognition Banquet this month, Amaranth Borsuk received the Club Advisor of the Year award for her work with students on Clamor, UWB's undergraduate Literary and Arts journal. Asked about the award, Amaranth replied: "Working with students on Clamor this year has been a great gift. We've had an exceptional board of editors who are passionate about the work they want to see in the world. I am grateful to them for nominating me and to Club Council for this recognition of all the labor and the love that goes into Clamor."

The student editors launched their 2015 issue with a celebratory exhibition and public reading in the UW2 commons on June 3rd. Copies of the full-color journal, which aims to represent "the best creative practices in literary, visual and media arts from across our campus and the surrounding community," are freely available in the front window of the IAS office. The journal can also be found online, along with bonus audio and video material, at