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25Live FAQ

25Live Frequently Asked Questions

On this page you can find the frequently asked questions regarding the following topics:

Accessing 25Live

Q: How do I log in to 25Live?

A: Follow the below instructions to open ang log in to 25Live:

  1. Click here to launch 25Live or copy and paste this URL into your browser:
  2. Use your UW NetID to log in

Q: How do I get a UW NetID?

A: If you are affiliated with UW, you can learn more about getting a UW NetID on UW-IT's website. Cascadia College students, faculty, and staff can learn more about how to get a UW NetID on Cascadia's UW NetID Information webpage.

Q: How do I view space availability in 25Live?

A: By default, anyone with a UW NetID can view availability of various spaces around campus including classrooms, labs, and event spaces through the 25Live website. Given this, you only need to login to 25Live to view space availability. For more information on how to search for locations, view the Getting Started with 25Live training. If you need to request space, you must complete the required 25Live training.

Q: Who can I contact with questions about 25Live access?

A: Please email questions regarding 25Live access to

Q: What are the preferred web browsers when using 25Live?

A: Chrome or Firefox are the preferred web browsers when using 25Live. 25Live will not work with Internet Explorer.

Q: Can I used a shared UW NetID to login to 25Live?

A: You can only log in to 25Live with your personally assigned UW NetID. Shared UW NetIDs (a NetID access by multiple people or by a whole team) are not approved for use within 25Live.

Requesting Space at UWB

Q: Can I submit a FUAC form to request space?

A: 25Live has replaced the FUAC form previously used to request space on campus. All event space requests must go through 25Live.

Q: How do I get access to request event space within 25Live?

A: Complete the following trainings in order and submit a certificate of completion to request access to 25Live.

  1. Complete the Getting Started with 25Live Training
  2. Complete the Requesting Space within 25Live Training
  3. Log in to 25Live at least once
  4. Submit the Certificate of Completion to request access to 25Live

Q: Why can't I see the "Event Form" or "Create Event" button on my 25Live dashboard?

A: This means you do not have access to request space within 25Live, yet. You must first complete the required 25Live training, log in at least one time to 25Live, and submit the certificate of completion to request access to 25Live. Only after you've completed these prerequisites will you be granted access.

Q: Can students request space within 25Live?

A: Students at UW Bothell and Cascadia College who are student club officers/representatives are eligible to request access to 25Live for requesting space on campus. STUDENT EMPLOYEE - students can't request space for FTE class purposes, that must be done by the faculty/time schedule coordinator.

Q: How do faculty request a classroom or lab space for their upcoming course?

A: All faculty members should work with their School's Time Schedule Coordinator to request a classroom or lab space. For more information, visit the UWB Classrooms webpage.

Q: How do I request a study room in the Campus Library?

A: Students can request a study room throught the Library website. Learn more about study room reservations on the library website.

Q: How do I request event space within the ARC?

A: 25Live has replaced the MyARC reservation system as the primary mechanism for request event space within the ARC. In order to request space in the ARC, you must first complete the required 25Live training. To learn more about requesting event space in the ARC visit the ARC's Event website. If you have questions about requesting event space within the ARC, please email

Q: Who can I contact if I have questions about requesting event space on campus?

A: Please email questions about requesting event space (excluding the ARC) to If you have questions about requesting event space within the ARC, please email

25Live Training

Q: How do I learn to use 25Live?

A: The following 25Live training resources are available to you:

  • Getting Started with 25Live Training: We recommend this training for those who need to view space availability. This training is required for those who need to request space.
  • Requesting Space with 25Live Training: Completing this training is required prior to being granted access to create events and request space within 25Live. 
  • 25Live Advanced Training Resources: This training is an optional advanced training for those wanting to get the most out of 25Live.
  • 25Live CollegeNet knowledge base: Additional information and helpful tutorials for utilizing 25Live are available on their website. Additionally, you can access this information by selecting the Help link in the upper right corner of your 25Live dashboard.

Q: Where can I access the required 25Live training?

A: You can access the training from the UWB Space Reservation webpage.