Email Signature

Copy and paste this template (from name through logo) into the signature tool in your email program, then replace the generic information with your own.

The recommended font is Open Sans. If it is not available on your operating system, use Calibri, Arial or Verdana.

YOUR NAME (all caps, bold, font size 12pt, color gray)
Your title (font size 11pt, color gray)
Your department (font size 11pt, color gray)

Your building  Box 000000 (font size 11pt, color gray)
0000 Your Building Street, Building Floor/Suite  City, WA 00000-0000 (font size 11pt, color gray)
000.000.0000  /  mobile 000.000.0000  /  fax 000.000.0000 (font size 11pt, color gray)  / (font size 11pt, color gray)


Signature logo source URL: W Signature for email