Research and Exploration Permit

Wetland Research and Exploration Permit Requirements

We require a permit be obtained for any wetland access. This permit allows us to keep track of how the wetland is being used by groups as well as alerting Campus Safety and Wetland staff to your presence. We will send you a permit that you should always keep with you during your visits. 

Research in the Wetland Restoration Area

We allow the use of the Campus Wetland for research, but only where it can be done with minimal impacts to the natural resources of the site. Because of this, we encourage observational studies. Experimental studies will be considered, but scrutinized very closely for potential impacts.

  • Each individual will take responsibility for his or her own safety and accepts the risks inherent with touring and accessing this area.
  • A copy of the research permit must be carried by at least one member of the group at all times when in the wetland. This permit must be displayed upon request to Campus Safety Officers, Facilities staff, or faculty. Failure to have a valid permit will result in removal from the site and possible revocation of the permit.
  • Access to the wetland area must be coordinated in such a way as to minimize impacts and avoid disruption to the restoration site and wildlife inhabitants.
  • No destructive sampling is allowed unless specifically permitted. This includes the removal of animals, plants, plant parts, soils, rocks, streambed material, water, etc.
  • Whenever possible, do not trample the vegetation.
  • No sampling devices, stakes, flags, etc. shall be left in the wetland unless specifically permitted. These items must be removed at the end of the research project.
  • No harassment of wildlife (including no fishing, no hunting, etc.) is permitted. This includes keeping noise to a minimum.
  • No use of chemicals in the stream or floodplain is allowed unless specifically permitted.
  • No smoking.
  • Do not introduce any plants or animals into the wetland unless specifically permitted. Boots are to be thoroughly cleaned each time prior to entering the wetland. Specific protocols for boot cleaning may be required in different situations to prevent the invasion of non-native species.
  • You are required to submit a research report within 60 days of completing your research project. This report should detail your methodology, findings, and interpretations of those results. Submit your report to

Wetland Research Permit Application

Please complete the Wetland Research and Exploration Access Request form. We will strive to process this request as fast as possible, dependent upon the availability of experts to review potential environmental impacts. Please email to check on the status of your request.