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At this time, there are no workshops scheduled. Please contact Carolyn Brennan or Ann McMahon if you have any proposal development questions.

Developing Proposals for NSF and Other Funders

A Workshop Series

Delivered by Ann McMahon, Carolyn Brennan, and Cindy Shirley
University of Washington Bothell Office of Research


This series of workshops will guide participants to write a competitive proposal in eight meetings over four months. Each meeting will include the following components that provide a coordinated framework for proposal completion:
  1. Guidance for enhancing the competitiveness of the proposal,
  2. Development of an individual research agenda with narrative, as well as a personalized Broader Impact Legacy narrative that enhances the proposer’s research, and
  3. Peer-review and feedback for continued proposal development between meetings. We are looking for faculty who will commit to attending ALL eight meetings and actively developing a proposal for submission.
With guidance from successful funding seekers, members of the UWB Office of Research, and each other, participants will generate a well-designed proposal that is built upon research-related text that can be reused in subsequent proposals. In addition to producing a compelling and reusable description of their own research and broader impacts legacy, participants will learn about each other’s research and possibilities for within- and cross-disciplinary collaboration. Optional consultations between meetings provide additional support for participants working toward proposal submission before the end of the workshop series.