Faculty Development Workshops

Your B.I. Legacy



How will you change the world with your research and teaching?

The Office of Research offers processes to help faculty members develop “impact identities”. The generation of their Broader Impact (BI) Legacy narrative involves a reflective process in which each faculty member examines integration of scholarship with societal needs, personal preferences, capacities and skills, and institutional contexts. This allows them to unveil their best-case scenario for establishing and developing impacts over the course of their career.

Ann McMahon facilitates an approach for supporting faculty that uses the impacts identities concept to develop a comprehensive Broader Impact Legacy narrative.  From self-assessments to individual consultations and group workshops, these processes raise awareness of faculty members’ own motivations and guide their broader impact choices to optimize satisfaction and meaning in their scholarship, service, and teaching. At the college and institutional levels, impact identities and Broader Impact Legacy work help to develop strategic connections between disciplines and partners.  

Contact Ann McMahon with questions at mcmahon4@uw.edu.