Campus Involvement

Campus involvement is a way for you to become more engaged and integrated into the UW Bothell campus community. Students who participate in co-curricular activities are more likely to be successful in their academics and their professional endeavors after graduation.

Participating in campus clubs, organizations, volunteer activities is a great way for you to meet new people, network, and build long lasting relationships that will enhance your collegiate experience.

Ways to Get Involved

Community Based Learning and Research (CBLR)

The goals of CBLR are to provide high impact learning experiences that prepare students for effective citizenship and careers in the 21st Century global economy. Contribute to ongoing regional and statewide efforts to promote economic development, livable communities, social inclusion, creative governance, and civic participation. Finally, our goal is to serve as creative means for faculty to connect their teaching and research to recognized community issues.

Office of Student Life

The Office of Student Life cultivates a student-centered, holistic and inclusive environment which fosters personal growth and a sense of community in support of the University of Washington Bothell Mission. We provide comprehensive curricular and co-curricular opportunities in a collaborative manner which promote diversity, social justice, global citizenship and the overall development of students.

Study Abroad

Have you ever thought or dreamed about traveling abroad? Out of the country? There are tons of opportunities for UW Bothell students to study and participate in several different countries, continents, and experience global cultures outside of your own. Explore the UW Bothell Study Abroad pages for more information on available programs and funding (yes, there is funding for you to go!).

Undergraduate Research

The notion of performing research as an undergraduate student can be a bit intimidating. But doing research as an undergraduate can help you discover your hidden talents and interests. Research projects can also lead to scholarships and awards. Plus, it looks good on a resume or graduate school application.

Connect with Clubs

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