School of Nursing and Health Studies

Linda Watts, Professor and Interim Dean

Linda WattsLinda Watts, Ph.D.

Professor and Interim Dean

My preparation and principles cause me to seek holistic approaches to the study of culture; to pursue interdisciplinary forms of inquiry; to engage contextual issues of inequality, injustice, and silence; and to view teaching, scholarship, and service as (in part) potential agents of cultural intervention and change. Whatever subject matter I might be teaching, however, I am most concerned to encourage students toward independent thought, engaged dialogue, and considered action.


My research interests include American studies; 19th- and 20th-century United States literature and culture; visual art practice, production, and exhibition; women's studies; multicultural education and curriculum revision; HIV/AIDS education; critical and alternative pedagogy; institutional change and educational leadership.

I currently serve as senior editor for the Journal of Applied Research in Higher Education.

I contribute to edited collections (most recently, University Partnerships for Preservice and Teacher Development; Democratizing Higher Education: International Comparative Perspectives; Inquiry-Based Learning for Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Programs: A Conceptual and Practical Resource for Educators; and Increasing Learner Engagement and Retention Using Online Learning Activities: Wikis, Blogs, and Webquests).

My work has appeared in such publications as Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion; The Sixties: A Journal of History, Politics, and Culture; The Clearing House: A Journal of Educational Strategies, Issues, and Ideas;  Space and Culture: International Journal of Social Spaces; Women and Language; Transformations: A Resource for Curriculum Transformation and Scholarship; Elsewhere: A Journal for the Literature of Place; NCTE's English Journal; Gender Forum: An Internet Platform for Gender and Women’s Studies; Genre: An International Journal of Literature and Art; College Art Association Reviews; Radical Teacher: A Socialist and Feminist Journal on the Theory and Practice of Teaching; Radical History Review; Material Culture; Academic Exchange Extra; Urban Geography; Feminist Teacher: A Journal of the Practices, Theories, and Scholarship of Feminist Teaching; Post Script: Essays in Film and the Humanities; Journal for the Study of Radicalism; and Journal of Social History.


University of Delaware
  • B.A. Individualized Major
Yale University
  • Ph.D. American Studies