Master of Nursing

Meet our Graduates

Our nursing graduates actively contribute to the improvement of healthcare systems, nursing education and the health of communities on a local, regional and global level. They lead with innovation, compassion and data driven decision-making, putting their graduate degree education to work for the community they serve. 

Anna-Callen.jpgAnna Callen and Jenna Mathies  
(MN, Administrative Leadership) 

Anna and Jenna (not shown) paired up with Washington State Nurses Association to decrease workplace violence through expanding and updating training modules responding to legislative mandate to expand workplace violence training. Read more.

Brian-Velasco-full.jpgBrian Velasco
(MN, Administrative Leadership)

Brian shares how the program prepared him take on the challenges and strains a pandemic causes while ensuring his team of nurses are equipped and trained to take care of patients in a time of crisis. Read more.

Tamara-Uson.jpgTamara Uson
(MN, Administrative Leadership) 

Now chief nursing executive with MultiCare Health System, Tamara advanced in her career after receiving the degree by applying the nurse leadership and business skills from the Leadership track curriculum she helped to launch! Read more.

Susan-Collins-(1).jpgSusan Collins
(MN, Administrative Leadership)

Now the HMC Magnet Coordinator, Susan moved into this leadership role using the skills and formal education of the degree.  Learn how Susan has used the business, communication, project management, data analysis, and leadership skills gained from the program to give a "bigger voice" to nurses and prepare HMC for Magnet Status. Susan also earned her BSN in '08 at UW Bothell. Read more.

Jennifer CollinsJennifer Collins
(MN, Administrative Leadership)

Jennifer shares how she has used her education from UW Bothell to make a bigger impact on patient care. Read more.

Arlyce CoumarArlyce Coumar
(MN, Population Health Focus) 

Moved by the worldwide need for oncology nursing education, Arlyce chose the UW Bothell Master of Nursing degree for global impact. Read more.

Samantha GirardSamantha Girard
(MN, Nurse Education Focus)

Learn how the attainmentof the MN degree put Samantha in a position to have an impact on the profession. Read more.

Master of Nursing students make an emotional appeal to the vaccine hesitant in a video (PSA) where they share personal sentiments. Read the new story.

Master of Nursing Outstanding Scholar Recipients

Each year graduating students are nominated for their outstanding scholarship. Taken into consideration is the student’s academic work, scholarly inquiry, and practice in relationship to the application of theory and evidence-based knowledge to practice resulting in demonstrated potential to enhance the nursing profession, nursing education, the health of the public, and/or health care.

Nina KirkNina Kirk
2022 Master of Nursing Outstanding Scholar Recipient

Nina embodies nurse education for positive change. Nina's capstone, "Addressing Discrimination and Bias in the Nursing Workforce: Developing Learner-Centered Education" explored the experiences and perceived capabilities of RN-to-BSN students in addressing workplace discrimination and bias to identify gaps in student knowledge and skills to be developed in course curriculum.  Nina brought a personal and theoretical understanding of the impacts of racism and other structural oppressions. Nina focused the project on the development of an assessment instrument, in the form of a survey, to explore community-specific knowledge and skills needed to address workplace discrimination and bias.

Ivanka VassilevaIvanka Vassileva
2021 Master of Nursing Outstanding Scholar Recipient

Ivanka utilized her fieldwork to make necessary changes to the new Nurse-Driven Protocol to promote quality of care and patient safety and decrease in hospital-acquired CAUTI. Her fieldwork exemplafied the application of theory and evidence-based knowledge to practice and her academic work, scholarly inquiry, and practice demonstrated great potential to further enhance the nursing profession. 

Jarick HuligangaJarick C. Huliganga
2020 Master of Nursing Outstanding Scholar Recipient

Jarick Huliganga translated his academic work into a hospital-wide QI project that is focused on improving patient safety and public health outcome. The goal of this very important project he spearheaded was to improve patient handoff in order to enhance patient safety and increase nurse satisfaction. In collaboration with the unit personnel he developed a standardized patient handoff tool with educational training for staff in the perioperative department at Kaiser’s Central Hospital Surgery Center. This tool was rolled out but follow-up evaluations were halted by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Susan CollinsSusan Collins
2019 Master of Nursing Outstanding Scholar Recipient

Susan Collins translated her academic work in the Administrative Leadership Track to become the voice for nurses. She used her new voice as a graduate prepared nurse to ensure enough nurses were at 'the table' when decisions impacting patient care and nurse safety were being made. She is now the HMC Magnet Coordinator. 

Arlyce CoumarArlyce Coumar
2018 Master of Nursing Outstanding Scholar Recipient

Arlyce Coumar has personified the Mission and Vision of the UW “to advance nursing science and practice through generating knowledge and preparing future leaders to address health”.  Arlyce incorporated the paradigm of practice taught at UWB that has the global community as partner in health care. Her professional practice begins with the client as primary foci and never acts upon the individual or community rather is guided by a spirit of collaboration and respectful partnership.

Updated August 2022